What is Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning is what needs to be done after carpet or a rug gets walked on alot and gets all dirty. There are lots of methods to clean carpet. A common method is to use a wand that sprays water and soap,onto the carpet with one pass, and then uses powerful suction to suck up the soap and water with additional passes. The problem with this method is that it will leave some soap residue left behind and then that residue will attract more dirt and the Carpet will get dirty faster.
In addition using soap and water wands also leave a smell behind and take a long time to dry the carpet. Also, the wand only cleans the front and back side of the carpet fibers. When I looked for Carpet Cleaning in henderson NV and met my friend he told me he uses 230+ degree steam in a rotary scrubber/extraction tool. The Steam kills any bedbugs or dustmites and it has almost 4x the suction and leaves the carpet a lot less wet, and it actually dries in about 5 hours. The rotary action then cleans the carpet fibers in a full 360 degree, all the way around the fiber, not just front and back.rx-20

Carpet Cleaning Henderson NV